About Me

The word "Ano'i" means "Desired" or "The Beloved" and is derived from the Hawaiian language.  I choose this name because as a health and fitness professional I would love to see you achieve your desired fitness and relaxation level though the massage and personal training I provide

As a personal trainer I provide many types of services such as: HIIT training, TRX, Kettle Bell, Weight training, Body weight training, Group fitness, and Aqua Fitness.  I have quite a bit of experience working with people of all ages, ranging from kids through the older generation.

 As a lisenced massage therapist (MAT-14341) I provide many types of services such as: Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, Reike healing energy work, Gau sha, Cupping, and Kinesio taping.  We will discuss your wants/needs and determine how I can best meet them.

Schedule an appointment with me today by clicking the "Contact Me" link and lets work together to achieve your goals.  I look forward to hearing from you.